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Advanced Search Explanation    
The new "Advanced Search" box gives you flexibility to find exactly what you are looking for in one search.
To maximize it's capabilities please read over the following explanation:

The Advanced Search field is based on a very simple model similar to Google searches. You specify words with "modifiers" to get exactly what you are searching for and the Advanced Search will search the entire Listing for matches.
The available "modifiers" are:
+ The "Plus" sign says that the results must contain the following word
- The "Minus" sign says that the results must NOT contain the following word
* The "Star" is a Wild Card and will match a partial word
" Putting "Quotes" around a phrase will search for that exact phrase
No Modifier The search will match any listing that contains a word with no modifier
Basic Valid Examples:
a b c = Will match any listing that contains a or b or c
+a +b +c = Will only match an listing that contain all of a and b and c
-a -b +c = Will match any listing that does not contain a or b but does contain c
"ab c" = Will match the phrase "ab c"
*a "b c" = Will match any listings that have a word that ends in "a" and contains the phrase "b c"
--Multiple modifiers can be used together in 1 search, Example: +ab c* -defg is valid
--Individual search terms can not contain more than 1 modifier, Example: +"ab c" is not valid
--You can use the rest of the search boxes to further narrow your results or leave the Advanced Search empty and only use the other boxes.

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